Brain Based Miracles and Testimonials

Antoinette is amazing. She is never in a hurry, genuinely cares about her patients. She has helped through chronic headaches.

Ullas P.

Dr. Antoinette's knowledge and gifts are beyond those of any other chiropractor I have ever experienced

Elana P.

We love Dr. Antoinette! Her ability to read the distress signals your body is sending out is uncanny. She is able to hone in on the specific areas of trauma in order to start the healing process from the inside out. Dr. A has worked wonders on my special needs son, helping him relax and get out of the "flight or fight" status his body has been in for years. She gets him so relaxed he literally falls asleep on her table and snores!!! If you are looking for a true holistic chiropractor that heals your body...look no further than Dr. Antoinette Biegaj at Family Wellness Chiropractic!

Catherine H.

Dr. Antoinette has been my Chiropractor for the last 8 years. I have received chiropractic care from several Doctors of Chiropractic over the last 20 + years. She by far is the best. After receiving care from Dr. Antoinette, no other chiropractor will do. She is very thorough and truly cares about you and your overall health which is connected to your spine health.

Terri H.

Dr. Antoinette is caring, knowledgeable, and meticulous. I began seeing her six months ago originally for neck pain. After just a few visits, my pain diminished substantially. As I continued to see Dr. Antoinette, I have also enjoyed more energy, less anxiety, and fewer sinus episodes. At each visit, Dr. Antionette checks in with me and spends as much time as needed with my adjustment. I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but none of them were as effective as Dr. Antionette!


Dr. Antoinette is amazing! I've been going to her for almost a year and have seen great improvement! She is so professional, very knowledgeable and always very thorough! She loves her patients and it shows!

Corrie S.

Dr. Antoinette is a very caring chiropractor. She takes as much time as needed to address my needs. I would highly recommend her.

Melinda B.

I love what Dr Antoinette does for me! My allergies are so much better and she has restored strength that went away due to nerve impingement.

Sam J.

An excellent and clean Chiropractic facility.

Douglas W.

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