New Patients

Our office is located in The Common Courtyard near Shem Creek. The area is surrounded by a tasteful and well-kept floral landscaping. When you enter our practice, you’ll see a kids area with toys and a cool and inviting atmosphere of soothing green colors where you can make yourself right at home.

There’s a massage chair that you’re welcome to use if there’s a brief wait. Otherwise, you can relax on the other comfortable chairs or the couch and check out the information playing on the television. Further back in the office you’ll find an open adjusting area that has both pediatric and adult adjusting tables. We’re ready to welcome you and get you started on better health.

We hope you find our office warm and inviting.

New Patient Paperwork

The First Day

Your initial appointment is about us understanding what brought you into our office. During this consultation, we will listen carefully to your health challenges and concerns. We will then ask you what seems like a million questions to dig a bit deeper into your health history.

We will explain chiropractic and how we can help address your health needs. We will then proceed to part 1 of a thorough and extensive examination that will demonstrate how your body is functioning or not functioning.

The 2nd part of the exam includes a computer scan of your nervous system which identifies how well your nervous system is controlling your internal body functions.

The first appointment will take approximately one hour.

You will then be scheduled for your second visit.

The Second Day

This is a very important visit so please allow 20-30 minutes for your appointment. Dr. Antoinette will present a report of findings. She will put a summary of your consultation, examination and scans together in a format that will make total sense to you.

Here Dr. Antoinette will answer any additional questions you may have while also presenting her best recommendations for corrective care which is designed to begin the process of transforming your health to achieve your goals.

When you are ready to start, now the fun begins. You will receive your first adjustment.

Regular Visits

Each of your visits is very important. Dr. Antoinette checks you with a mini examination and can tell you how you are doing and how your body is really changing.

Each adjustment will build upon the next so we will be transforming your nervous system over time.

It is crucial to understand that healing takes time and that it is a process. For example, if the first time you saw a dentist was when you were 45 years old, what kind of shape do you think your teeth would be in? Or if you took your braces off too early what do you think might happen? Likewise, if your first visit to a chiropractor was when you are 45, what do you think your spine will look like? Also if you stopped care when you ‘felt better’ rather than when your body if functioning optimally, would that best for you?

That is one reason Dr. Antoinette helps so many kids because most of the problems seen with adults began in childhood. Although it is easier to raise healthy kids that fix broken adults; Dr. Antoinette can meet you and help you at whatever state of health you present.

We would love to support you on your journey to better health. Get a same-day appointment; stop in for a visit or contact us today!
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